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Professional Services

From on-premise to bespoke platform integrations - we are here to help with your requirements

Congenica's Professional Services team provides a range of services to support the implementation of the Congenica platform.


From onboarding into our multi-tenant SaaS cloud-based platform, to implementation of our private cloud or on-premise application, our team will help you maximise the benefits of our platform.  


  • System installation and configuration

  • User training

  • Systems integration

  • Custom reporting

  • Data management (Gene Panels, Curated Lists)

  • Migration of historic datasets

  • Automation of data transfer via integration with your in-house applications

I have been using Congenica for the last two years, as a biomedical scientist. I found tremendous support in Congenica’s team, from the very beginning. All our questions were answered in a very detailed manner, all our inquiries were carefully listened to, and help - when needed - was provided promptly, thus making our journey of setting and developing our NGS data analysis protocols an exciting learning experience. The assistance provided has been not only scientifically and logistically impeccable, but also has had a precious, yet rarely found, sense of human connection beyond borders and screens.

Andreea Tutulan-Cunita, PhD  Cytogenomic Medical Laboratory, Romania