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Pathogen Surveillance

Pathogen surveillance - a continuous requirement

The recent COVID19 pandemic has highlighted the need for productised, robust and scalable analysis in case of new disease outbreaks - whether caused by newly emerging SARS-Cov2 variants or other pathogens altogether. Specifically, the ability to identify and track pathogen variants effectively and early is crucial for the management of public health measures.

Platform requirements for successful monitoring of disease outbreaks

  • Provision of source outbreak analytics

  • Strain & variant identification ability

  • Extensible to other pathogens

  • Drug and vaccine response & resistance reporting

  • Secure & auditable platform

  • Ability to rapidly adjust to newly identified pathogens

  • Integrated, robust & scalable

  • Rapid turnaround time

Congenica's scalable and integrated platform is uniquely placed to enable large-scale analysis to monitor disease outbreaks


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