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Enabling genomic medicine

We are Congenica, global leaders in genomic medicine.

Through our pioneering technology, we are revolutionizing the way genetic diseases are characterized and diagnosed.

Our end-to-end solutions empower healthcare professionals to deliver world-class genomic medicine services, make important clinical decisions and provide life-changing answers that transform the lives of patients and their families.


Clinical Decision Support

Our Congenica® clinical decision support platform is the world’s leading software for the analysis and interpretation of complex genomic data.

The platform rapidly transforms whole genome, whole exome and gene panel data into actionable information, enabling you to improve diagnostic yield and case throughput, maximize workflow efficiency and increase your confidence in every diagnosis.

Congenica simplifies your workflows and supports you to make accurate diagnoses, helping you provide patients with the treatment they need faster than ever before.


We have a global footprint built on a foundation of genomics expertise. We work with international Centers of Excellence including Genomics England, Digital China Health and the New York Institute for Basic Research. We are also the exclusive clinical decision support platform provider for the UK NHS Genomic Medicine Service.

Genomics England
New York Genome Center
Digital China Health
• The Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities
Epilepsy Society
Childrens Hospital of Fudan University
Veritas Genetics (EU & LATAM)
UCB Pharma
Welcome Sanger Institue
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