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We frequently host webinars on key topics in genomics medicine or demonstrations of our work. Take a look below at our upcoming webinars or explore the videos from our previous sessions.

Past webinars


Phenotype-based prioritisation of variants with Exomiser

In this talk, Damian describes a phenotype-based approach to rare disease variant prioritisation and how Exomiser is used in Genomic England’s 100,000 Genomes Project…


Faster Analysis of Neurodevelopmental Disorders with Congenica Neuro

Around 300 million people worldwide are thought to have epilepsy or a neurodevelopmental disorder. 1,2 Many of these disorders are now known to have…


Maximizing Diagnostic Yield with an Optimized Variant Interpretation Platform

Using specific case examples as illustrations, Dr. Katherine Benson of the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland discusses how her team has implemented an all-in-one solution for…


Real-World Examples of Efficiency Gains in the Analysis & Interpretation of Genomic Data

In this webinar, Genomenon’s Founder & Chief Science Officer , Dr. Mark Kiel welcomed Dr. Eva Serra, who demonstrated Congenica, a way to overcome…

A model brain over EEG results, representing an epileptic seizure

Achieving a Definitive Diagnosis for Epilepsy Patients

Dr Charles Steward, speaks on best practices for diagnosing epilepsy; the existing technologies and techniques, and the pathways to diagnosis. Dr Steward provides case…


Discovering the Missing Link between my Rare Disease and an Olympic Athlete

Jill Viles, an Iowa mother with no clinical training, shares her story of how she self-diagnosed her rare condition, a muscle-wasting disease caused by…

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