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Achieving a Definitive Diagnosis for Epilepsy Patients

Dr Charles Steward, speaks on best practices for diagnosing epilepsy; the existing technologies and techniques, and the pathways to diagnosis. Dr Steward provides case examples of innovative methods for shortening the diagnostic odyssey, and also speaks on how a definitive diagnosis can affect the care options & management of a patient, including his own personal experiences as the parent of a child with epilepsy.

Dr Charles Steward

Clinical Domain Lead for Epilepsy

Charles joined Congenica in June 2016 working in the Customer Support team before becoming the Clinical Domain Lead for epilepsy. Before he came to Congenica, he worked at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute for more than 22 years on the human and mouse genomes, which is also where he did his PhD. He led various projects there such as overseeing the initial analysis of human chromosome 10, investigating the genetics of type 1 diabetes and latterly establishing an international collaboration investigating genes involved with infantile epilepsy. He taught on international workshops with the Wellcome Trust in many fascinating places including India, Kenya, Malawi, Uruguay, and Vietnam and also lectures for the Master of Science in Genomic Medicine degree run by the NHS.


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