We frequently host webinars on key topics in genomics medicine or demonstrations of our work. Take a look below at our upcoming webinars or explore the videos from our previous sessions.


Why choose a professional solution?

Congenica customer Anna Miller, technical specialist at NOAH Clinical Laboratory, and Victoria Hewitt, HCPC Lead, Clinical Interpretation Services at Congenica, discuss the essential attributes needed in a professional solution to…

9th September 2021: Polygenic Risk Scores & the Future of Precision Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities

Discover the role of Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) in advanced genomic risk assessment and precision healthcare in the UK. In this webinar, experts will explore the current clinical application of…

On-demand: Automating standardized analysis of cases

In this on-demand webinar, Helen Savage, Lead Clinical Scientist, Product Innovation at Congenica highlights the case for automating standardized analysis of cases, demonstrating how automated variant classification workflows maintain quality…

Practical Applications of Genome Interpretation for Rare Disease Diagnosis and Research

Dr Matt Hurles, Dominic McMullan FRCPath, and Dr Hywel Williams speak about their experiences in genome interpretation for rare disease diagnosis and discovery. Each presentation covers discoveries made during each…

Rare Inherited Disease: 30 Min from data to report

Andrea Haworth, Head of Clinical Services and Laura Reed, Pre-Registered Clinical Scientist at Congenica share their experiences and challenges of Whole Genome Analysis and the insights gained from using Sapientia…

Discovering the Missing Link between my Rare Disease and an Olympic Athlete

Jill Viles, an Iowa mother with no clinical training, shares her story of how she self-diagnosed her rare condition, a muscle-wasting disease caused by…