We frequently host webinars on key topics in genomics medicine or demonstrations of our work. Take a look below at our upcoming webinars or explore the videos from our previous sessions.


Prenatal exome analysis – finding the molecular cause of fetal anomalies, faster

In this webinar, Suzanne Drury, PhD, Clinical Genomics and Personalized Medicine Specialist at Congenica, highlights the use of Congenica Prenatal™, demonstrating efficient, evidence-based molecular…

Accelerating the Identification of Genetic Diseases

Achieve complex genomic data interpretation, including classification, evidence and reporting in as little as five minutes.

Enabling Genomic Medicine 2020: Mainstreaming Genomics

About EGM Genomic health information is increasingly informing routine clinical care, diagnosis, and treatment for a spectrum of inherited and acquired disorders. The accessibility of next-generation sequencing has until…

Increasing case throughput: How to gain immediate insight into clinically relevant evidence

In this webinar we look at a key part of the clinical interpretation workflow and reveal how a combination of new tools is helping…

The Genetics of COVID-19

In this webinar, Nick Lench, PhD, reviews the current state of knowledge regarding the genetics of COVID-19 and the potential application of pharmacogenetics to…

Influencing prenatal clinical management using exome sequencing

St George’s University Hospital implemented prenatal exome sequencing in cases of fetal structural abnormality in ongoing pregnancies as part of a service improvement project…