Congenica Prenatal™

Find the underlying genetic cause of fetal anomalies, faster

For clinicians and researchers analyzing fetal anomalies , Congenica Prenatal is a pre-configured module available within the Congenica Clinical Decision Support platform, with expertly curated and annotated gene panels, enabling you to identify the genetic causes of ultrasound-detected fetal anomalies faster than ever before.

Overcoming challenges in prenatal diagnosis

Prenatal diagnosis can help to inform decisions during pregnancy and after birth. However, knowledge of fetal phenotypes is limited with most gene phenotype data from postnatal cases. Around two-thirds of single gene causes of anomalies arise de novo.
Congenica Prenatal has been expertly curated to overcome these challenges and analyze cases faster, with confidence to provide a rapid response.

Perform complete prenatal analysis in a single solution

Congenica Prenatal provides flexibility and optimization across your workflow. Upload whole genome, exome or gene panel data, annotate and interpret variants, and generate your report all in one place. Then present your findings using report templates specifically designed to support prenatal findings.

Fast, accurate and evidence-based

Congenica Prenatal enables fast, accurate and evidence-based interpretation of variants in the prenatal setting to decrease the time from sample to review and provide a rapid response. The module includes hundreds of genes and variant lists curated and prioritized for pathogenicity from ClinGen, ClinVar, Genomics England PanelApp, literature review, and other trusted sources to support molecular analysis of fetal anomalies.

Expertly curated

Our team of experts has curated and annotated preconfigured gene panels with PubMed identifiers signposting you to prenatal phenotype relevant literature for over 190 genes, simplifying analysis workflows.

Time-saving and life-changing

In prenatal cases every minute matters. Literature annotations and instantly generated prenatal reports in the Congenica Prenatal module save a further 45-minutes in the interpretation and reporting of fetal anomalies per case in addition to the hours that the standard Congenica platform already saves.

Identifying the precise molecular cause of a fetal abnormality using exome sequencing is a major step forward.

Dr Tessa Homfray
Consultant in Medical Genetics, NHS

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