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Specialist modules

Expert curated modules to optimize analysis in high-need indications

Take your analysis to the next level

Our specialist modules have been expertly-designed to accelerate workflows and optimize results in high-need indications.

Expert curated gene panels, variants and literature facilitate rapid analysis and enable actionable clinical insights faster than ever before.

The modules are part of the Congenica platform and can be added to the configuration of your software to enhance analysis in specialist areas.

Congenica COVID-19 module

Congenica COVID-19

Lead the research effort investigating the genomic factors related to COVID-19 host response using the latest scientific evidence as new data becomes available.

Congenica COVID-19

Congenica Neuro

Congenica Neuro

Accelerate analysis of neurodevelopmental disorder (NDD) and epilepsy cases. The module includes actionable genes with associated therapeutic considerations and literature.

Congenica Neuro

Prenatal exome analysis

Congenica Prenatal

Rapidly identify genetic causes of fetal anomalies detected by ultrasound during prenatal screening. The module includes over 190 of the most relevant genes curated with variants and associated literature annotations.

Congenica Prenatal

ExomeCG assay

ExomeCG is an enhanced exome capture kit with superior gene coverage allowing you to carry out whole-exome sequencing and targeted copy number analysis in a single test. ExomeCG is designed by Congenica to fully integrate with our software for optimal exome analysis. For research use only.

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