Life-changing genomic data analysis, interpretation & reporting

Congenica is the world-leading automated and AI-powered Clinical Decision Support platform for genomic analysis, enabling you to rapidly interpret next-generation sequencing data, maximize case throughput and improve health outcomes, making a huge difference to people’s lives.

The software increases workflow efficiency, analytical yield and confidence, even in the most complex cases – providing an all-in-one scalable solution from sequencer to report.

Perform faster analysis

Congenica Automation and A.I. enable results that used to take days to be achieved in minutes, dramatically reducing turnaround times and costs while increasing throughput up to 95%

Provide life-changing answers

Congenica improves clinical outcomes with a 30% higher analytical yield than rare disease averages across all diseases, sample types and family structures

Improve health outcomes

Congenica always provides full transparency ensuring you can have confidence in every decision being made, supporting clinicians to achieve the best possible results in the analysis of genomic data

Clinical decision support platform
Your complete genomic analysis solution

Giving you the power to scale and perform rapid secondary and tertiary analysis for all NGS data from single panels to hundreds of exomes and genomes per day – more than any other solution

Maximize workflow efficiency

Congenica simplifies and speeds-up workflows in busy clinical laboratories through AI plus automation, a scalable design and by supporting integration into other systems.


From small laboratories to national programs, Congenica meets the need for high quality performance no matter your size or scale. The platform was developed with a genome-first approach, able to simultaneously process multiple whole genomes, exomes and gene panels at speed.


Congenica is setup to fully integrate inbound and outbound data into any third-party system, enabling fast, accurate processes delivering your data directly where it is needed.


By automating manual processes from sequencer to report, Congenica Express enables fast, accurate decision-making with interpretation in as little as 5-minutes to maximize case throughput.

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Improve analytical yield

Congenica enables you to achieve the highest analytical yield with access to the best comparison data and AI-powered variant prioritization tools plus a design that makes analysis easier.

Trusted data

Congenica gives you access to the widest, most accurate range of genes, variants and reference data sources available, all in one place. The software automatically identifies evidence for all genes from trusted sources to improve analytical yield and give you complete confidence.

Variant prioritization

Our class-leading Congenica AI variant prioritization tool, combined with Exomiser, automatically identifies disease-causing variants from whole-exome and whole-genome data with greater accuracy than any other program – instantly focusing your analysis on the 1-in-5-million variants that matter most.

Intuitive design

Congenica has been designed by expert geneticists and bioinformaticians to streamline NGS analysis and improve diagnostic decisions. Packing an end-to-end workflow into a single easy-to-use solution, Congenica enables the complete review of data in seconds rather than hours.

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Increase confidence

Congenica is a high-quality software solution that ensures you can operate quickly and have complete confidence in your work.


The CE Marked platform has been developed under a certified ISO 27001 Information Security Management System and a certified ISO 13485 Quality Management System. Both our cloud and on-premise hosting options also adhere to comprehensive security protocols giving you peace of mind knowing your data is secure and of the highest quality.


Unlike any other software, Congenica enables consistent and reproducible secondary and tertiary analysis of whole genome, whole exome and gene panel data, calculating coverage statistics for all genes so you can be confident in the data used to guide your decisions.


Quality assurance is provided in every aspect of the software including full transparency for AI predictions plus a full audit trail of the analysis performed for every case, giving you the reassurance of knowing your lab is operating to the highest quality standards.

Specialist modules

Expert curated modules available within the Congenica platform to optimize your analysis in high-need indications

Congenica Neuro

Accelerate analysis of cases with neurodeveloplmental disorders (NDD) and epilepsy
Congenica Neuro

Congenica Prenatal

Rapidly identify genetic causes of fetal anomalies detected by ultrasound during prenatal screening
Congenica Prenatal

Congenica is an absolute game changer, enabling us to be certain about our analysis.

Dr Tessa Homfray
Consultant in Medical Genetics, NHS

Our quality assurance

Analyze and interpret genomic data rapidly, reliably and with complete confidence