Future developments

Our team is continually collaborating with customers, partners and fellow genomic experts to enhance our solutions and provide you with the best service possible

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Enhanced automated analysis

Customers will be able to leverage their own curated variant databases to automate interpretation within the Congenica platform, allowing them to analyze, annotate and automate reporting in one place. We are also introducing additional predictive scores for improving analytic confidence, among other improvements.

Advanced automation and machine learning

Streamlining the pathogenicity classification of previously seen and unseen variants to compliment the platform’s existing automation and A.I. functionality and further reduce clinical interpretation and reporting times.

New speciality area applications

In addition to our existing suite of speciality area applications, we are continuing to develop genomic analysis solutions for targeted indications.

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Expanding beyond rare disease

We are actively exploring approaches to expand our platform to help laboratories analyze both germline and somatic variants. If you’re interested in collaborating or learning more, please get in touch.

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Product Updates