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Senior Test Engineer

By September 10, 2021No Comments

About the role

As a Senior Test Engineer, you will test all layers of the application, from API through to UI as well as non-functional. This means that there are great opportunities to get involved in all aspects of testing, not solely functional system testing. Your involvement goes beyond just writing tests; it includes framework design, implementation and configuring it to run in a CI pipeline. We aim to serve the software engineers with the capability to test their code from all angles, which ensures that everyone is responsible for quality, not just the test engineering team.

As we work in a regulated environment, it’s crucial that we provide clear and transparent evidence of testing all functionality within the Congenica platform. Our software helps clinicians diagnose patients based on their genetic data, so it is vital that we not only test the Congenica platform well but also ensure we record that testing in an easy-to-understand format (regardless of whether that is manual or automated).

Congenica works within the Agile framework, and you’ll be part of a cross functional team consisting of software engineers, a product owner and a scrum master.

While you are part of a scrum team, we also ensure that you feel at home within a test engineering specific team. It’s key to our continued development that we share knowledge, experience and advice with each other.

As a senior member of the team, you’ll mentor others across all aspects of the testing lifecycle. This can range from feeding back on the approach to testing new functionality through to onboarding into an automated test framework. Additionally, you’ll be depended on to see opportunities to improve our effectiveness as a team through suggestions around new ways of working.

What will you be doing?

  • Become a product and domain expert with Congenica
  • Identify, create and review manual & automated test cases
  • Write, maintain and extend automated test frameworks
  • Perform a wide range of testing, including functional and non-functional
  • Investigate test failures, raise bugs and work with development teams to resolve issues
  • Ensure that all test documentation adheres to ISO standards

What sort of person are we looking for?

  • Passionate about your work and wanting the best from yourself
  • Confidently communicate across multiple disciplines
  • Ability to learn and understand complex topics quickly
  • Ability to break down complex topics into an easy-to-understand format
  • Self-starter mentality with the ability to work autonomously
  • Have the foresight to improve or re-design testing processes

What technical skills would allow you to succeed in our team?

  • Breaking down web application functionality into well-defined test cases
  • Creating bug reports that clearly identify the unexpected behaviour of a web application
  • Knowledge of what good testing looks like within an Agile team
  • Good understanding and usage of an object orientated language, preferably Python
  • Previous experience with common libraries and/or tools to facilitate better testing at all layers of an application, such as Locust, JMeter, Selenium WebDriver, pysys etc.
  • Construction of pipelines in CI platforms, such as Jenkins or CircleCI

What additional skills would make you stand out?

  • Working with Docker containers for testing purposes
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes and orchestrated container deployments
  • Good understanding of infrastructure-as-code technologies, such as Terraform and Ansible
  • Background in genomics/bioinformatics
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