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Early-onset autoimmunity associated with SOCS1 haploinsufficiency

Nat Commun, 2020

A report on the impact of rapid prenatal exome sequencing on the clinical management of 52 ongoing pregnancies; a retrospective review

BJOG, 2020

A comprehensive bioinformatic analysis of 126 patients with an inherited platelet disorder to identify both sequence and copy number genetic variants

Human Mutation, 2020

Whole-genome sequencing of patients with rare diseases in a national health system

Nature, 2020

Refinement of the Clinical and Mutational Spectrum of UBE2A Deficiency Syndrome

Clinical Genetics, 2020

Using an integrative machine learning approach utilising homology modelling to clinically interpret genetic variants: CACNA1F as an exemplar

European Journal of Human Genetics, 2020

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