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In this webinar, Suzanne Drury, PhD, Clinical Genomics and Personalized Medicine Specialist at Congenica, highlights the use of Congenica Prenatal™, demonstrating efficient, evidence-based molecular diagnosis of fetal anomalies and the pre-packaged expertise that this application brings. She shares how refined workflows lead to rapid causal variant identification and streamlined reporting.
Watch the webinar to discover:
  • The diagnostic challenges clinicians face in prenatal settings
  • How to rapidly identify de novo variants
  • Maximizing efficiency and diagnostic yield with expert Curated Variant Lists and literature annotations

Accelerating prenatal genomic analysis

Congenica Prenatal stratifies prenatal analysis to enable identification of the molecular cause of fetal anomalies, faster, helping to reduce interpretation times and enable a rapid response. Download our datasheet to discover how Congenica Prenatal can help you overcome the challenge of prenatal diagnosis
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