Patient Advocacy Friends and Collaborators

The Patient Advocacy and Engagement initiative at Congenica is actively involved with patient, clinical and research groups.

We Advise

Dr Steward is an advisor as a patient advocate, a parent and as a scientist to several groups where he supports them in all areas of advocacy.

We Collaborate

Dr Steward collaborates with many groups around the world, giving talks, panel discussions and interviews about scientific technologies used in genomics, how they can benefit the patient and why it is essential to have the patient voice central to all genomic endeavours. He also hosts world-leading experts to talk about genomic medicine and the impact it can have on patients.

We Support

Congenica also provides a platform for patients to tell the world about their story and to raise awareness of their disorders, which in turn helps drive research for them but also to inspire other people who are beginning their journey into genomics.

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