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Our Impact

Fast, accurate and early diagnoses brings benefits to patients, clinicians and healthcare providers.

For patients and their families, having the answers they need quicker can help to ease the emotional burden of the diagnostic process and facilitate access to support groups and care management.

As Congenica delivers clinically-actionable results, treatment can begin earlier which can lead to better patient outcomes. An accurate diagnosis also eliminates the need for further tests, which reduces the cost of care for healthcare providers.

Congenica's impact, story 1

Optimizing care for patients

An accurate diagnosis has an immediate impact on a patient’s care. Congenica enables clinicians to decide the most appropriate treatment path much earlier than the traditional diagnostic route.1 Earlier treatment can lead to better patient outcomes, such as improved quality of life or reduced morbidity.2

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Congenica's impact, story 2

Helping clinicians make informed decisions

Receiving an early diagnosis is a big help for patients and their families. Not having answers to their questions can be a source of great anxiety. A swift diagnosis means the patient and their family can access the support they need to make informed choices about their future, sooner.

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Congenica's impact, story 3

Delivering quicker, cost-effective care

By helping clinicians to provide rapid and accurate diagnosis, Congenica eliminates the need for further tests and assessments. These tests can be costly, time-consuming and invasive. Removing the need for them helps to reduce the cost of care for the healthcare provider and eases the emotional burden for the patient and their family.3

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Enabling meaningful interactions

With the Congenica platform, multidisciplinary teams and specialists from around the world can work together. By collaborating on a case-by-case basis, we can help improve the accuracy of a diagnosis. Congenica reporting formats can also be adapted to individual users. For patients and their family members, tailored, easy-to-follow reports can be created to help them to better understand the diagnosis and make more informed decisions.

We empower clinicians to provide life-changing answers, generate value for healthcare systems, and ensure patients can access the support they need.

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