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Nicola Bedlington

Categories: advisory

Nicola is a partner in a Vienna- based consultancy focussed on sustainability, and is the lead on health, social policy and engagement. She advises global health bodies and has been the special advisor to the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) since spring 2019. Prior to this she led EPF during its formative years, from 2006, growing the membership from 23 to 75 umbrella patient organisations, and positioning it as the key interlocutor for the EU institutions on cross cutting issues affecting all patients in Europe. She also co-led two flagship European Public Private Partnership on patient education and patient engagement. Earlier in her career, Nicola was the founding director of the European Disability Forum and was an expert for the European Commission on disability policy.

Quote on joining ” I joined Congenica’s Advisory Board because I believe personalised medicines, digital transformation and meaningful patient engagement in the life cycle of innovation will define the next Decade for both patients and citizens. I am excited by the contribution the Advisory Board will make in supporting Congenica’s strategy around patient engagement and achieving its overall vision.”

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