Investing in the future of genomic medicine

Congenica is a digital health company, building a future where genomics is fully integrated into healthcare.

We see a time when personalized decisions and treatments, guided by genomic information, are routinely used to transform the health and wellness of individuals around the world.

Our pioneering software interprets genomic data faster than ever before, empowering healthcare professionals globally to transform genomic data into actionable information and enable personalized healthcare at scale.

What sets us apart

Shortening diagnosis from years to days

Patients with genetic diseases wait an average of 5 years for a diagnosis, seeing 7 different clinical specialists. By providing actionable genomic information to clinical management teams, Congenica supports healthcare professionals to shorten diagnostic odysseys from years to days.

Improving outcomes

Congenica helps healthcare professionals to achieve up to a 2-fold increase in diagnostic yields, providing life-changing answers to previously unsolved cases in a matter of minutes. In an analysis of over 25,000 randomized clinical cases, Congenica achieved a diagnostic yield 30% higher than industry averages and 20X faster.

Faster and scalable

Our platform has demonstrated the ability to perform secondary analysis of over 2,700 whole genomes per week for a single customer – significantly more than any other system. With automated workflows and next-generation A.I., Congenica enables clinical teams to interpret complex cases, that previously took 20 hours, in just 30 minutes.

Delivering value

Improved analysis and faster delivery of results limit the need for further testing, reducing the cost to healthcare payers and providers alike. Upstream, in the analysis of rare diseases, our software represents a 95% reduction in the cost of clinical interpretation for whole genomes, with a 20-fold reduction in manual data processing and analysis times.

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Congenica has developed world-leading scalable technology so that healthcare professionals can make important decisions which will help transform lives. As the use of genomic information becomes the standard in facilitating personalized health, our software will play a key role at the heart of healthcare.

David Atkins, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

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