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We exhibit at congresses and events around the world and would love to see you there. Find us at the events below or take a look at previous events we have been involved with.


ESHG 2021

Meet the growing demand for complex NGS data interpretation and reporting services  Congenica is the world’s leading genomic data analysis and clinical decision support…

National Neurogenomics Conference Ireland 2021

The first National Neurogenomics Conference, directed by Prof. Norman Delanty in conjunction with SFI FutureNeuro Research Centre, will take place on Friday 11th June…

Genomic Insight Alliance for Clinical Research & Development

Register here It is estimated that over 50 Million people around the world suffer from epilepsy, however, 1-in-3 patients are non-responsive to existing treatments….

Rapid NGS Diagnostic Workshop

This conference will bring together experts in rapid NGS to share best practice & their experiences of setting up a clinical service . About…

Festival of Genomics 2021

Genomic medicine has opened the possibility to transform the health and wellness of individuals around the world with life-changing diagnoses and treatments that would…

IRDiRC Conference and RE(ACT) Congress 2021

The conference aims to bring together scientific leaders and experts and young scientists from a variety of breakthrough scientific fields to present cutting-edge research,…

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