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Increasing case throughput: How to gain immediate insight into clinically relevant evidence

In this webinar we look at a key part of the clinical interpretation workflow and reveal how a combination of new tools is helping to break through the interpretation bottleneck, enabling you to instantly identify and analyze genetic evidence found across the complete corpus of scientific articles, faster and with greater confidence than ever before.

Learning outcomes

Watch the webinar to discover:
  • How to gain immediate insight into evidence relevant to your cases from over 7.5 million published articles
  • How to prioritize your search results by clinical relevance and find what you are looking for 10-times faster
  • How to maximize your workflow efficiency to reduce costs, increase case throughput and provide better patient outcomes
Deputy Head of Clinical Services, Congenica
Helen Savage, DipRCPath

Co-Founder and CSO, Genomenon
Mark Kiel, MD, PhD
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