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Accelerating the Identification of Genetic Diseases

Realizing the potential of precision medicine relies on accurate and efficient diagnoses. However, even less complex NGS cases can take experts 12 hours to analyze – adding over $500 of costs to every analysis. Alongside this, 71% of clinical laboratories report that they are nearly or completely at capacity. Increasing case throughput and reducing interpretation time are therefore essential.
In this webinar, experienced Clinical Scientist, Helen Savage, will demonstrate how Congenica Automation can enable complex genomic data interpretation, including classification, evidence and reporting in as little as five minutes. Join us for this webinar to discover:

What You Will Learn

Join us for this webinar to discover:
  • How to maximize case throughput using curated variant lists
  • Methods to reliably automate genomic analysis with confidence and transparency
  • How to interpret and report a case in as little as 5 minutes
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